6 tips to avoid water damage in your residence before travelling

A common concern for many homeowners before a big trip is what’s going to happen to their home while they’re away. Naturally, your home is exposed to a wide range of dangers while you’re not there, many of them beyond your control.

But there are a handful of things you can do to protect your home even when you’re not there.

One of the main concerns during travel has to do with water damage – flooding, leaky pipes or faucets, and so on. Below, you’ll find some useful tips on how to protect your home from water damage while you’re away.

Check hoses, faucets, and all things related before you go

It’s a really good idea to check up on the hoses leading to your dishwasher, washing machine, etc., before you leave on your trip, as well as keep an eye on all faucets, to ensure none are leaking.

This can be a problem, particularly with old hoses, which is why experts recommend replacing them once every few years. Running a quick check before you leave and fixing any potential leaks and issues might end up saving you a lot of heartaches!

Shut off the water supply

Honestly, one of the best things you can possibly do, particularly if the house is going to be uninhabited for the duration of your trip, is to just shut off the main water supply. This pretty much keeps you safe from all internal causes of water damage, and you can travel with your mind at ease!

If someone is staying behind in your home while you’re travelling, ensure they know where the water main is. Shutting it off in the case of a burst pipe or other such emergencies can minimise the water damage to your property.

Check the gutters outside your home

One of the main reasons for gutter overflow and subsequent property flooding is that there is an accumulation of dead leaves, junk, twigs, etc, inside the gutter, which is clogging it. So before you go, make sure your gutter isn’t on its way to an overflow thanks to such unwanted debris.

Check on your roof

Yet another cause for in-house water damage is intense rain/storm which can sneak into the home through dislodged or missing shingles on the roof. This is why you want to make sure your roof is in peak condition before you lock up and go!

Polish up your sump pump

If your property is equipped with a sump pump system, it might be a good idea to check that it is in proper working order before you go. If the pump is particularly old, you might want to schedule some maintenance before you leave.

Ask someone to check-in

This might sound like a no-brainer, but if you can, you really should ask someone to come over and check on the home while you’re away. If they’re coming to water plants or collect mail, then even better!