Factors affecting the restoration costs of flood water damage

Is your home going through the aftermath of flood water damage? When a house gets damaged due to natural disasters like flood, it is important that you should aim at getting the property restored as soon as possible.

Water damage due to floods can cause long-term problems when it comes to the structural components of the building. It could lead to the growth of dangerous mould that could eventually impact your overall health.

As far as water damage restoration is concerned, you should be aware of the factors that can impact the overall cost of the given project.

There are several factors that might be involved. All the factors tend to directly correlate to the investment you will make for restoring the property to its original, pre-flood state.

Here are some of the important factors you should know about:

Size of the affected area

Damage to the single room caused due to flood water might involve significantly reduced cost in comparison to an entire home. Moreover, the overall commitment of resources, time, and supplies involved in cleaning water collected during flooding across an entire property is significantly greater.

Therefore, the overall costs tend to be directly proportional to the scope of flood water damage & the size of the cleaning area.


Prices for the restoration services might vary from one place to another. As the overall cost of living in cities tends to be higher than in rural areas, the costs of restoration services might also be higher.

When you are searching for quotes for the restoration services in your area, the best bet is to reach out to a few water damage restoration providers and finalise the average baseline fee.

Materials damaged

The type of surface or materials that have been damaged due to flood water is also a determining factor of the overall costs involved. The more materials that get damaged due to flood, the most costly the project is going to be.

For instance, tile, hardwood flooring, and linoleum tend to be simpler in restoration in comparison to carpets & rugs. Therefore, the overall cost of restoring carpets is going to be more.

Presence of mould

If there is the presence of mould prior to the restoration project, then mould remediation is compulsory before starting the flood water damage restoration process.

Source of water

Floodwater is known to be available from multiple sources. Moreover, they are rarely observed as clean as rainwater. The worst scenario can be when black water –sewage water with human waste, gets mixed with floodwater.

Such a situation would require additional measures for ensuring that the area damaged by water gets sanitised properly before the beginning of the restoration process.

Remaining water

The first step that most restoration companies undertake during flood water damage restoration is to pump & drain excess water present in the damaged area. The utilisation of high-end equipment and processes for pumping & draining water might affect the overall cost.

Ensure the best results by hiring services from a reliable flood water damage restoration company.